Concurso fotográfico 2017
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Ganador: José Manuel Grandío
Título: Marea alta
Concurso fotográfico 2017
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Ganador: Rodrigo Pérez Grijalvo
Título: Buscando donde aterrizar
Concurso fotográfico 2017
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Ganador: Tony Peral
Título: Ocaso en la cárcava
Concurso fotográfico 2017
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Ganador: Carlos Pérez Naval
Título: Dragón
Concurso fotográfico 2017
Accésit Skua Nature
Ganador: Francisco Motilva Peralta
Título: Cazadora nocturna
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Accésit Olympus Iberia
Ganador: José Elías Rodríguez Vázquez
Título: Sobre un bosque de cardos
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Accésit Fujifilm España
Ganador: Julián Fernández Quílez
Título: La primavera
Concurso fotográfico 2017
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Ganador: Sebastián Molano Robledo
Título: Somurposa
Concurso fotográfico 2017
Accésit Martín Iglesias S. L.
Ganador: Dimas Serneget Belda
Título: Dibujando el vuelo
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Accésit Canon España
Ganador: Andrés Miguel Domínguez Romero
Título: Bajo la nevada
FIO 2017, XII Edición - Parque Nacional de Monfragüe

FIO 2018

The Extremadura Birdwatching Fair (FIO) will celebrate their 13th anniversary in 2018. Don’t miss this meeting point for professionals and nature enthusiasts in Monfragüe National Park from February 23th to 25th. The past twelve years of this event have put Extremadura on the European map of birdwatching and it has become the largest fair of its kind in southern Europe.

Come discover what makes dozens of exhibitors and thousands of visitors travel to the heart of Monfragüe National Park. The fair brings together the very best of nature tourism and ornithology in an open forum format: a broad presence of specialized companies, public institutions and conservationist associations, meetings among professionals from the sector, a programme which combines business and recreational aspects and, above all, the participation of experts and the general public in activities: technical seminars, professional workshops, a photography contest, guided tours and sessions for children.

All of the above takes place in Monfragüe National Park, one of the world meccas for birdwatching and an area declared to be a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Another attraction of the fair is FOTOFIO, which includes lectures given by Spanish and foreign experts, and a photography contest on the birds of Spain, regarded as one of the most prestigious on the national scene. In 2017, the contest reached its record number of 2,215 photograph submissions.

FIO is another tool consolidating Extremadura as a point of reference in nature and ornithological tourism. Birdwatching is an activity accessible for everyone and possible to do in the countryside and the city. This Extremaduran strategy includes initiatives such as the “City of Cáceres” Bird Festival (in spring), the Festival of Cranes (winter) and the “Birding in Extremadura Club”, a grouping of interests between the public and private sectors, which brings together more than 80 members.

All the activities of the fair will be included on this website. You can already see the ones that are confirmed.


FIO Nature Photo Contest – XIII Edition ”Wild Birds”

The General Direction of Tourism of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the "Junta de Extremadura" convenes the XIII Edition of the Nature Photo Contest, on the occasion of the International Fair of Ornithological Tourism (FIO). Presentation of...

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