Presentation of the book ‘Creative photography of wild fauna’, by Mario Cea

February 20yh | 11:00-11:30

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This work shares a series of photographic techniques applied to obtaining creative images of wild fauna. All techniques and concepts are used to achieve these. High speed photography, the double focus technique, changing the lens during a long exposure, the combination of different lights, multiple exposure or reflection photography, along with many of the author’s images deconstructed from the moment they were conceived until their realization, going through the different ways of lighting the scene, the light schemes of real images, the use and handling of hand flash, along with the accessories and materials for all of this.

Mario Cea has dedicated a good part of his career as a nature photographer, experimenting with complex and creative techniques. His images have been published in national and international reference media, such as National Geographic, Planet Earth, Handbook of the Birds of the World and El País. He has been awarded in more than eighty nature photography contests in Spain and beyond, including by FIO. He also offers training through photographic workshops, presentations and talks.

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