‘Dream’, by Cristina Abilleira

February 19th | 17:00-17:30

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Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, this Galician wildlife photographer admits that the only subjects she enjoyed were those related to images, and photography became her passion.

Her years as a forest firefighter took her to the outdoors, where she always felt at peace, and there she was able to watch the behaviour of the animals, for which she felt deep admiration. So ending up as a nature photographer was something that just happened. Her camera was guided by the heart and the animals became her objective.

Instinct moves the animal and it is reflected in every movement, in every look and when your eyes meet theirs it is something exceptional. For this reason, Cristina Abilleira tries to get photos in the most natural way possible, without interfering with the animals’ routines, remaining on the sidelines. She looks for images that reflect the essence of each of the animals that she photographs.

She strives to create images that provoke feelings in people because “feeling makes us love, and we do not harm what we love, but fight to protect it with all our might.”

More information: https://cristinaabilleira.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CristinaAbilleiraFotografia/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cristinaabilleira/

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