‘Discovering nearby paradises’, by David Jerez

February 19th | 11:00-11:30

FOTOFIO marquee

Sometimes we cannot see the potential of what is closest to us. David Jerez proposes to develop a personal photography project for the sake of nature protection. This can happen by sharpening our senses to uncover the beauty that remains hidden in everyday places, build facilities for photographing local wildlife and learn new and not-so-new techniques to achieve stunning images without the need for digital retouching.

David Jerez, a firefighter by profession, shares his time between his passion for photography and his family. 12 years ago, he started various photographic projects. He is a member of the Portfolio Natural collective and has participated in various books, such as ‘Brushstrokes of light’ or ‘The art of photographing nature’. Recently, he finished his first book: a large format publication `Yebes Esencia Natural’, where he gathers the beauty of the Alcarria de Guadalajara. He collaborates with photographic agencies, such as Biosphoto, Naturimages, Fototeca 9×12 and Addictive Stock, and his images, with aesthetic and environmental protection connotations, have been recognized in various national and international competitions.

More information: https://davidjerezdiezfotografiadenaturaleza.com/

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