‘Capturing the elusive: behind the scenes of my nature photography’, by Mateusz Piesiak (Poland)

February 19th | 17:45-18:30

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Mateusz Piesiak will take us to the world of nature, where patience, determination and knowledge about animals are essential. He will tell us how he has taken his favourite images and will share the stories about his successful career as a nature photographer.

Born in 1996 in Wroclaw (Poland), he studies Robotics at the University of Science and Technology in his city. He has been taking photographs since 2009 and belongs to the Polish Association of Nature Photographers. His images have been awarded in national and international competitions, published in magazines and presented in exhibitions.

Mateusz Piesiak photographs, above all, birds. This calms him down and takes him away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He knows that a good image, after having been sitting for several hours in a hide, is worth all the effort. He likes being like a spectator in the first row of a theatre, admiring the incredible spectacle of nature.

After photography, he defines art as his “second passion”. He draws and paints animals mainly, using watercolour as his favourite medium. He also plays the piano and has staged compositions that combine music and photography.

More information: https://mateuszpiesiak.pl/

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