‘Bird photography. Getting to know our models’, by Sebastián Molano

February 19th | 12:30-13:00

FOTOFIO marquee

We live a wonderful moment in bird photography. We have easy access to quality photographic equipment and information on how to handle it. There is a lot of documentation about how to approach birds and there are drinking places, feeders, hides, techniques for concealment and approach, and places to photograph birds. But sometimes we wonder what to photograph!

Sebastián Molano, photographer and naturalist from Extremadura, will review the unique behaviours in birds and how to detect them and, of course, immortalize them. He is a professor of Plastic Arts and has been teaching photography, design and painting classes for more than 30 years. His images have won awards in various international competitions, including FIO, and published in magazines, articles and books. A lifetime dedicated to photographing and painting nature.

More information: http://www.sebastianmolano.com/

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