Presentation of the European project EnviroCitizen. ‘Ornithological citizen science and environmental citizenship’, by Diana Villanueva and Clara Contreras (UEX)

February 18th | 17:00-17:30


EnviroCitizen is part of the European initiative SwafS (science with and for society). It is led by the historian Finn Arne Jørgensen, from the University of Stavanger (Norway), and aims to study the impact that citizen science activities, in general, and ornithological activities, in particular, have on the development of a greater commitment to the environment by people.

Its main objective is to discover the processes through which citizen scientists can cultivate their environmental citizenship. Ornithological activities are studied because of their great potential to develop environmental citizenship. Behind EnviroCitizen is an interdisciplinary team of seven European universities and research centres that have been working on the project since April 2020.

Dr Diana Villanueva Romero is responsible for EnviroCitizen at the University of Extremadura, where she is a professor. A specialist in cultural studies about animals she has spent nearly two decades studying how the humanities contribute to creating more environmentally friendly societies.

Clara Contreras Ameduri is a researcher at the University of Extremadura attached to the EnviroCitizen project. Her specialization is 19th century literature. She is currently researching ecofeminist views and animal protection in 19th century women’s writing, focusing on literary representations of birds.

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