‘New photographic horizons: Varanger’, by Merce R. Romero

February 20th | 11:30-12:00


Forester, birder and wildlife photographer, this Extremaduran likes to define herself as a born conservationist. From Monfragüe, a place she knows like the back of her hand, Merce R. Romero will take us to the Arctic Circle, crossing imposing fjords, in search of the spectacular northern lights and a wide variety of arctic species. Large cetaceans, sea ducks and pelagic birds await us. We will enter the Finnmark region (north of Norway), in Sami territory, where we will learn more about their culture.

Linked from a very young age to the world of nature, devoted to everything related to fauna, Merce R. Romero has worked on numerous conservation projects. Currently, she develops photographic tours in different countries following in the footsteps of the most emblematic species and is chief editor at the Skua Nature Group company, specialized in nature tourism.

More information: https://skuanature.com/es/

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