‘How to make a good book better: the endless need to look again and again!’, by Killian Mullarney (Ireland)

February 19| 12:00-12:45


Killian Mullarney is internationally known as one of the authors of the best-selling European field guide of the last 20 years, the ‘Collins Bird Guide’, first published in 1999, which he illustrated with Dan Zetterström. The ‘Collins Bird Guide’ is written by Lars Svensson and the late Peter J. Grant and is a key reference book for birdwatchers. In Spain it has been published under the title ‘Guía de Aves: La guía de campo de las aves de España y Europa más completa’.
In his presentation, the designer of the FIO 2022 poster will explain how the new third edition of the ‘Collins Bird Guide’ is developed, from the review process of the existing plates to updating the treatment of the species where there have been significant advances (sometimes including taxonomic changes). It is a job that involves research and a lot of time outdoors observing birds as well as compiling the large amount of information available.

Conference in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

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