‘Birds transform lives’, by Carlos Mario Wagner Wagner (Colombia)

February 19th | 11.30-12:00


With 1,954 species, Colombia is the country with the largest number of birds on the planet. The large number of species is a source of pride for Colombians, but it also represents an enormous responsibility, as custodians of this immense natural heritage. Aware of this commitment, in recent years a growing number of private conservation initiatives have been developed in the country.

In his presentation, Carlos Mario Wagner Wagner will travel through Colombia sharing some of these initiatives and demonstrating how birds and birdwatching are transforming the lives of many people in rural areas.

Carlos Mario Wagner Wagner is a zootechnician from the National University of Colombia. During the last fifteen years he has birded in ten countries. In Colombia, he has carried out research on big cats and birds in both private and public natural areas, also promoting ornithological tourism as a strategy for rural development and conservation. He is director of the International Bird Fair of Colombia. Currently, he and his wife Adriana are based in Gijón, where they are studying for a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and Planning.

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