‘Bird migration through the Strait of Gibraltar. 25 years of study and monitoring’, by Alejandro Onrubia (Migres Foundation)

February 20th | 11:00-11:30


The Strait of Gibraltar has one of the most important concentrations of migratory birds in the world, especially storks and gliding birds of prey. The censuses carried out during the last 25 years have made it possible to estimate the magnitude of the passage of different groups of birds and to evaluate the changes in the composition of species and their numbers, as well as in the timing of migration, which reflect both population changes and migratory patterns. Long-term monitoring of bird migration in the Strait provides valuable information on these winged sentinels, useful for evaluating the real effect of human activity on ecosystems, especially in a scenario of climate and global change.

Alejandro Onrubia has a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of León and more than 30 years of professional experience in nature conservation and wildlife management. Since 2006 he has worked as a technician for the Migres Foundation and is currently responsible for the Migres programme for monitoring bird migration through the Strait of Gibraltar.

More information: https://www.fundacionmigres.org/

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