‘How to draw restless birds’ with Szabolcs Kókay (Hungary)

February 20th | 10:00-13:00

Portilla del Tiétar (in english)

Szabolcs Kókay is self-taught, with no formal artistic training. From the beginning the artists who have most influenced him are those who work outdoors, directly with nature. Field work motivates him a lot and it has left a mark on his art. He still remembers the difficulties and challenges that he experienced in the beginning.

Throughout his career he has experimented with various painting media and, for a few years, he worked solely in acrylic. In 2005 he stopped using it, except for larger wall works and plein air paintings, and now prefers to use mostly watercolour. In recent years he has tried to spend as much time as possible in the field, drawing directly from life. He uses watercolours in nature, making rough sketches and studies.

During the workshop, Szabolcs Kókay will show his method and share his approach to overcoming difficulties.

People who register, and wish to try have a go, should bring a telescope, a tripod and a folding chair, as well as a sketchbook, pencil, paints and brushes.

Workshop in English.

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