Bird signs and tracks workshop with Luisa Abenza (Saturday)

February 19th | 9:30-10:30

Sala Multiusos (Villarreal de San Carlos)

Bird tracks are much more common than is often thought. They can be found in all kinds of habitats, including urban. We can find tracks in the dust on roads, in the woods, in the snow and in cities, in a park and even on our windowsill. For this reason, tracking birds is a great complement for any amateur or professional in the field.

Luisa Abenza is a tracker, disseminator, forestry technician, co-president of the Iberian Tracking Society (SIRA) and official trainer of Cybertracker Conservation, as well as the author of the book ‘ Aves que dejan huella’ (2018) and the blog http://genettagenetta.

In the workshop, participants will be introduced to the general characteristics of footprints and types of traces (remains, excrement, feathers…) with real materials and plaster casts. For Luisa Abenza, footprints are the most common way of approaching not only mammals but also birds. Tracks and other signs provide a lot of information about their presence and behaviour. The key is learning to read these signs.

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