FIO brings together prestigious national and international nature photographers every year. In these conferences, under the heading of FOTOFIO, professionals talk about their techniques, experiences and journeys. Nature cinema also has a place.

Streaming broadcast on the Extremadura Tourism YouTube channel.

'Sound in the nature documentary', by Carlos de Hita (workshop with registration - FULL)
February 18th | 17:00-19:00

Presentation of the FOTOFIO Conferences, by Atanasio Fernández (Regional Government of Extremadura)
February 19th | 10:45-11:00

'Discovering nearby paradises', by David Jerez (Spain)
February 19th | 11:00-11:30

‘Photographing for The Sound Approach in Oman’, by René Pop (Netherlands)
February 19th | 11:45-12:15

'Bird photography. Getting to know our models', by Sebastián Molano (Spain)
February 19th | 12:30-13:00

'Looking for your photograph, loving nature', by Nuria Blanco (Spain) 
February 19th | 13:15-13:45

‘Winged images’, by Ricardo Lourenço (Portugal)
February 19th | 16:15-16:45

'Dream', by Cristina Abilleira (Spain)
February 19th | 17:00-17:30

'Capture the elusive - behind the scenes of my wildlife photography', by Mateusz Piesiak (Poland)
February 19th | 17:45-18:30

Award Ceremony of the FIO 2022 Photography Competition, presented by Roberto Brasero (Antena 3).
February 19th | 18:30

Book presentation 'Fotografía creativa de fauna salvaje' (Creative photography of wild fauna), by Mario Cea (Spain)
February 20th | 11:00-11:30

Book presentation 'Aves de España. Guía fotográfica de identificación' (Birds of Spain. Photographic identification guide), by Carlos Pérez Naval (Spain)
February 20th | 11:30-12:00

Screening of ‘Panteras’ (Spain, 2021)
February 20th | 12:00-13:30

Conversation with Andoni Canela, director of 'Panteras'
February 20th | 13:30-14:00

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