Photographic Contest 2018

FIO Nature Photo Contest - XIII Edition ''Wild Birds''

Presentation of images: from December 1 to January 15, 2018. All information about the 2017 competition in:

Photographic Contest 2017

The award winning photos in 2017, a record year

Photographic Contest

Award winning photos in 2017, a record year

The XII Nature Photography Contest ‘Wild Birds’, organized by the Directorate General of Tourism, broke its record participation in 2017 with 2,215 images received, after 2,000 last year.

The winners in the five categories were:

  • ‘Marea alta’, by José Manuel Grandío, has won the first prize FIO 2017 for the best image presented in any of the categories, an award that was created this year and is endowed with 1,500 euros.
  • ‘Looking for a place to land’, by Rodrigo Pérez Grijalvo, has won in the category ‘Aves del mundo’ (images of wild birds made outside Spain). Category endowed with 1,000 euros.
  • ‘Ocaso en la cárcava’, by Tony Peral, has been selected in the category ‘Aves de España’ (images taken anywhere in Spain). Category endowed with 1,000 euros.
  • ‘Somurposa’, by Sebastián Molano Robledo, has won in the category of ‘Aves de Extremadura’ (carried out in the Autonomous Community). Category endowed with 1,000 euros.
  • ‘Dragón’, by Carlos Pérez Naval, has won the prize for ‘Jóvenes photographers’ (under 18 years of age before February 4th), valued at 500 euros in photographic material.

Five runners-up prizes are awarded for the first time, one more than in 2016:


  • Skua Nature runners-up prize for ‘Night jacket’, by Francisco Motilva Peralta.
    Photographic weekend in the Argenta Valley Reserve, in the Delta del Po Regional Park (Italy). Valued at 500 euros.
  • Olympus Iberia runners-up prize for ‘Sobre un bosque de cardos’, by José Elías Rodríguez Vázquez.
    Olympus Tough TG-870 camera, valued at 300 euros.
  • Fujifilm Spain runners-up prize for ‘La primavera’, by Julián Fernández Quílez.
    Fujifilm Finepix XP 120 camera, valued at 219 euros.
  • Canon Spain runners-up prize for ‘Bajo la nevada’, by Andrés Miguel Domínguez Romero.
    Connect Station CS100 for storing, viewing and sharing images and videos, valued at 210 euros.
  • Martín Iglesias S. L. runners-up prize for ‘Drawing the Flight’, by Dimas Serneget Belda.
    Folding photographic hide with four windows, including carrying case and pickets. Valued at 120 euros. And a spot in the “Workshop of Wolves” to photograph wolves in semi-liberty in Mundopark (Seville), to be held on March 4,2017. Valued at 60 euros.

The awards ceremony took place on February 26th at 13:15 pm in the Photography Conference and Workshops TVE’s “Here the Earth” (FOTOFIO) tent and was given by the climatologist and scientific disseminator Jacob Petrus, director and presenter of TVE’s “Here the Earth” programme.

The best fifty photographs, including the winners, formed part of an exhibition that was on display at FIO from 24-26 February.


They formed the jury for the contest:

  • Fernando Barrios, photographer.
  • Pablo Bou Mira, photographer representing the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (Aefona).
  • Mario Cea, photographer
  • Joaquín Dávalos, Technician of the Directorate General of Environment of the Regional Government of Extremadura.
  • Joaquín Figueredo, photographer on behalf of Colectivo Extremeño de Fotógrafos de Naturaleza (CEFNA).
  • Javier García de la Torre, photographer representing Fotonatura.
  • Óscar J. González, photographer.
  • Fernando Ortega, photographer representing Fotonatura.
  • Jorge Javier Rubio Casado, photographer.
  • Mario Suárez Porras, photographer.